Eligibility for the tier 1 entrepreneur visa

Every Immigration process has the eligibility criteria set forth in advance. In case of tier 1 entrepreneur Visa, there is a strong eligibility criteria too. For successful Immigration to the UK, it is very important that you adhere to the eligibility conditions in every respect, because if you don’t, there can be serious troubles landing your way.
There are several eligibility conditions that fall under the tier 1 entrepreneur Visa. The first one of course is funding.

You should provide proof of having at least £50,000 or more available as funds. This monetary amount should be available from either;

* venture capital company, which is acknowledged by Financial Services Authority, or;

* the UK seed funding companies as endorsed with UK Trade and Investment website, or;

* regular federal government or devolved government departments in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Funds should be with a regulated financial institution, and quickly disposable in the United Kingdom. To be considered eligible for the tier 1 entrepreneur Visa, you should also have freely disposable funds for spending on business in the UK.

After your funding requirements for the Visa are completed, it becomes very important that you provide the proof for the strong English communication skills. English is a native language of the UK, and you need to show good command on it.

The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa provides a legal route for overseas investors to land in the UK for an initial period of 3 years. For this reason, they have to providing evidence of solid financial means so that they can set up a new business or make the investments in an already existing business.

The rules and regulatory procedures for tier 1 entrepreneur Visa change on frequent basis, and therefore you need to remain updated. It is therefore suggestive here to hire the services of a qualified Immigration law firm. A qualified firm understands the inside and outside of Visa process and as the result will help you to come out of the hassles.
The entrepreneur Visa undoubtedly offers you good chances to increase the chances to set up your business in the UK and settle with your family.

Check your eligibility for tier 1 entrepreneur Visa for the UK. It is better to talk to the Immigration lawyer on this matter. Don’t try to haste the things. There is always a room for discussions and increasing your knowledge on the UK Immigration.

The article is authored and submitted by Fusco Browne Immigration services. It is an OISC registered Immigration firm in the UK. To know more on the tier 1 entrepreneur Visa in the UK, visit: www.tier1entrepreneur.co.uk