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Disadvantages Of Social Media

We are living in a world filled with the social media craze. From Facebook to Twitter, the world has embraced the new tools that help thousands interact each day no matter where they are. There are so many merits that come with social media and this is undeniable. However, what many forget are the down sides. All good things will have flaws and the following are insights into the disadvantages of social media. Statistics have shown that young people form the bulk of the fan base when it comes to social media outlets. However, those who are in all kinds of businesses are also avid users of social media to further their cause. The following are some of the top cons that business people have to face when they employ the services of different social media.

The first disadvantage to speak about can also be an advantage. I’m talking about the viral potential of social media. In other words, when you have some news or item to share with an audience, it can spread like bushfire all around the world. When this news is negative or in bad taste, the same will happen. This is where the disadvantage comes in. It is hard to undertake damage control when you are dealing with social media and your good name might be soiled within hours.

Another one of the top disadvantages of social media worth a mention is the need for intensive labor. If you intend to build a brand and a name through social media, you must be ready to spend time updating your audience on all the relevant issues. Once you become established, you will tend to have a bigger crowd and it can be difficult to meet the needs of all people increasing you labor greatly. However, to remedy this, you can put in place a networking campaign that is manageable and grow gradually.

Another thing to mention is that you must be ready to connect with your audience at all time.

According to experts the law of reciprocity will apply. In other words, you need to give and take. If you have updated helpful information on a network, a person who is interested might respond and it is upon you to reply their queries and satisfy their curiosity. This is the essence of social media and if not done properly, your audience might loose faith in you. There are people who evade this and other disadvantages of social media by establishing themselves are entities that give updates that are promotional in nature. This way, the audience will take and run with what they have.

Finally on the disadvantages of social media, you will be required to stay abreast with all upcoming sites and be ready to make the necessary change. If you are not adaptive, then you might be in trouble because social media in nature will change constantly. You need to keep in touch with all the latest in this industry because this is the sure way to safeguard the interests of your business. Remember, social networking for business gain will help you move to heights you have not been to before. Therefore, know the pitfalls discussed above and steer clear of them if you are to win in this game.

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Get Social Media Exchange

These days there is a lots of webmasters and an individuals are having craze to get likes for facebook pages.. Company pages, product  pages, organization pages, institutions pages, colleges, personal, individual, and other pages are starving for lots of facebook page likes to improve their brand awareness. Also there are thousands of groups to accumulate all webmasters, organizations, companies, institutions, individuals etc at one place. All webmasters are interested in making his or her own groups so that they can explore their visibility all over the globe among all targeted audience. And ofcourse to explore their facebook pages by using own groups. Its also made easy for others to explore themselves at the same place.

To exploit these craze of getting thousands of facebook page likes, there are various companies, individuals who has developed a new concept by using intellectual skills of web developers. Now it is very much easy to get social media interactions. You can add your facebook pages to get likes, google+ urls to get circles and followers, twitter account to increase twitter followers, youtube url to get more views for your promotional videos, digg account to increase digg followers, stumbleupon to increase followers, website urls to get unique visits to your websites. You can get all these facilities by registering on the select application sites providing this services. All you have to do in these application sites is to purchase coins or earn coins by liking other facebook pages, following twitter accounts, viewing youtube videos, following digg accounts, following stumblers, or more. Earned or purchased coins will be used when somebody will like your facebook pages or to get twitter followers or to get views to your youtube videos or to get website hits.

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There are view sites like Ringalist, Getlikehits, Youlikehits, Facebookpromotions etc on the web, providing above social media exchange servies. So from now you need not to bother that how you will get more likes to your facebook page?, how you will increase your twitter followers, digg followers, stumbleupon followers etc.

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Vijay Prakash

Business Head – Rooliums Technology Pvt Ltd

Noida, UP – India

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Social Media For Marketing

It is most likely that you are aware of the potential effect of public networking across the planet. While it is important to always be seeking new promotion opportunities, don’t forget the value of employing sites for which you have already made a certain level of knowledge. The following are sound public networking advertising techniques and techniques you can apply for business development.
Get your clients to take reviews regarding their public networking utilization. If your clients are on public support systems like Myspace and Tweets, for more than one hour per day, you need to create a company page. If your viewers is not using public support systems as much, try something different.

You will need to know how to get around each public website to effectively use public networking advertising. For example, you can press on a many time for your tweets, identifying the tweets into a particular permalink. This is the best way to set up a linkage web that goes from one particular tweets, rather than the whole river or information.
When people choose to go by your organization’s web page on Twitter, adhere to again. You are not too highly effective to be associates with your supporters. Your clients will appreciate the attempt you put ahead to learn more about them. All you have to do is adhere to it on Twitter. It just requires a second, and it reaps advantages for your clients.

Have your exclusive ear to the earth to pay attention for testimonials. Thank everyone who gives you reviews, and make sure you pay attention to everything they have to say about your items. Compose down your reviews, as you may be able to see a pattern that you can use.

Keep touching your competitors’ provides also to know what they are providing away to customers and observe down the guidelines for providing something better.
Use these guidelines to develop your company with internet websites. The websites you are using every day for your personal life can be just as beneficial, effective and fun for company use also f you can just recognize it and know how to implement it successfully. You can arrive at a international viewers with public networking and flourish thanks to guidelines from this content.
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Social Media Marketing Plan


The Social Media giants like Twitter and Facebook are no secrets to you, right?
And you KNOW that you should be using these Web 2.0 sites, among others, yet perhaps you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain out confused on HOW to harness these beasts! There’s a very large probability that your competitors are already trying to implement these marketing methods, or at the very least, TRYING to. Wondering when would be a good time to begin using these social media mammoths, like LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter? How about YESTERDAY!?!
 Here’s some factual data to further drill the importance of this message:
 * With over 260 million active users and counting, Facebook has been deemed as the number one social network, according to and
 * Credible analysts have predicted that Facebook will have in excess of 500 milion active users!
 * Between June 2008-June2009, Twitter has increased its user base by an astounding 1,928%, making it the fastest growing social network on the planet, says
 * According to Facebook, over 120 million users log into Facebook no less than once a day!
 * For a week straight, Facebook was visited more often than Google itself, around about April 2010!
 * The largest growing demographic rapidly joining these social medai groups are aged 35 and above
 *’s statistics also show that Facebook is in the TOP THREE MOST VISITED SITES GLOBALLY!
 * As of July 2009, Twitter had attained 50 million unique visitors, as per’s statistics
 * Both and indicate predictions that by the end of 2k10, Twitter’s user user base will reach 100 million or more
 * According to Facebook, 65+ milion of their users access their accounts directly from their smart phones and PDA’s
 * Cell phone users of Twitter and Facebook are said to be TWICE as active as non-cell phone users
 * Nearly 80% of Facebook users are based outside of the USA
 If these comprehensive statistics haven’t already blown your hair back about the true power of a social media Marketing Plan, then you’re probably already harnessing it’s force! If you were a business owner, what would this kind of data mean to you? Basically, what you’ve got is an open market, with hordes of potential clients that are easily accessable via strategic Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing (among others), that are open to the marketing of your products and services! Are you going to sit around and allow your competition to capitalize on this phenomena before you do? Not very likely, for the clever business owner.
 Social Media Marketing can be seen as access to a gate opener, or a portal if you will, with powerful communities which can have insurmountable implications for entrepreneurs, businesses, whether small or large. Everyone is aware that the current marketplace is a constantly changing climate, making it even more imperitive that you stay one step ahead of the game. Based on the facts described above, you can see that there’s no doubt that Social Media Marketing will become increasingly important to the future of your business’ success.
 Weve now surpassed the Information Age, and now have entered the Recommendation age. Surely you’ve heard the quote Its not WHAT you know, its WHO you know.”Times have changed, and that statement isn’t as true anymore. Lets put it this way Its not WHAT you know, its NOT WHO you knowits WHO KNOWS YOU!”And with the power of an effective Social Media Marketing Plan, you CAN connect with near anyone in your field of business, and harness that relationship. The quality of your relationships can now be a direct reflection on the quality of your finances.
 Is a Social Media Marketing Plan now higher up on your list of priorities for the prosperity of your business?  


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Fast Cash With Social Media

So you’ve finally given up on the traditional 40-hour workweek and you find yourself in front of a computer trying to brainstorm. This is a common thing in these hard economic times, and the more people search online for money making opportunities, the more many realize that it’s right in front of their eyes. Social networking is not going anywhere and millions of people daily prove it. There are literally millions of people spending six to eight hours a day online looking at media web pages and more. You’ll find that the world continually shifts and those that are making money with social media, are not going anywhere, as the networking sites expand. If you’re looking at making fast cash online, consider the following 3 methods that will get you earning green with a captive audience.

•  Affiliate Links – The first way you can make money with social media is through affiliate marketing. First, sign up with an affiliate marketing network, then get your links and start promoting them through your profile. It’s important to offer more than just spam, so make sure you engage your audience fully before you lose out. Take time to invest in others, and they’ll click your links and purchase items throughout your days.

•  Sponsored Posts – People that have generated a lot of attention and followers through their work will find that sponsored posts are a great way to make serious money. A sponsored post can make a person upwards of $ 500 to $ 1,000 for non-celebrity status. If you somehow get millions of followers, you can make six figures from sponsored social media posts. Sounds a bit much, doesn’t it? For those that are skeptical, all it takes is to give it a shot and see what happens.

Of course, you will need to have a certain level of popularity before you can make money this way.

•  Promotional Content – If you have a website and you are selling goods or just information, then you need to look into promotional content that will drive people to your site. This is similar to the aforementioned, but instead of sending out sponsored information for a third party, you are doing it for yourself. As people respond, you will end up giving out information and getting conversions in time.

The above are just 3 ways that you can make fast cash with social media. Social networking is not going anywhere, so don’t lose out on the greatness that is coming through the modern times we live in.

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