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Online Entrepreneurs Writing Articles

In a sluggish economy, with numerous online entrepreneurs reporting declining numbers of visitors to their web pages, new ways to economically stir up their internet business opportunities are being considered. Wanting to increase exposure without spending a lot, these online entrepreneurs are wondering about the real potential that writing articles offers. What kind of benefits is this online article marketing technique able to put forward? There’s no dispute that one of the most attractive of those benefits is cost, especially if fulfilled on a do-it-yourself basis. Its publication creates a viral effect and with no out of pocket disbursement whatsoever it’s capable of continuously making money for any online business opportunity.

As a form of comparison, it is, in many respects a better medium than even a force of hired telemarketers. Certainly it has all the advantage on expenditure. Writing articles entails no heavy expenses in overhead, commissions and phone bills; the article directories and a good internet connection carries it around the world. Neither does it warm a headset in the office while conjuring methods to reach the person in the other side of the phone line; the courtesy of the internet lays it across anyone’s pc desk, alive in thousands of monitor screens, in front of the eyes of potential costumers. Just one click away and it can show up persistently when repeated personal calls would be impossible. It is a telemarketer that says no more and no less than cannot be lived up to. It is the perfect servant of the conscious internet entrepreneur.

However, an online entrepreneur may say to all this, that he never has done business by writing articles.

True, he may not have used article marketing before. Maybe he’s conducting his online business opportunity solely by a Google Adwords campaign. But he surely does have use for free traffic to his websites. Perhaps a bigger internet business is selling his goods entirely through affiliates, yet there never was an affiliate force so good that it could not get more money with the help of a well written online article campaign.

Internet entrepreneurs could argue that if you really want no cost at all, why not using email. Well the reputation for spam and the growing number of filters for it. Email as usually used it may serve the simplest needs of routine and communication, the acknowledgment of orders, the notification of shipments, yet there is never an online article that does not have the possibilities of a business prospect getting touch. If you stop with the acknowledgement or the notification, you miss the opportunity. When an online entrepreneur writes an article he should go beyond and talk to the reader, to the potential consumer. Look at his article through his eyes, shift himself over into his attitude, consider what he would do if he read that article. Let him do that a few times and he will soon be wondering why he didn’t implement writing articles long ago, take the man to man attitude and talk business through the article. There’s a place for article writing in every online business opportunity and this is one of them.

Any internet entrepreneur that says to have tried writing articles and it has failed, should not indict article writing for its failure. Its possibilities are there. Rather he should indict himself along with the thousands of other online entrepreneurs who have neglected to make the most of a medium that waits to do service at a minimum of cost.

Engaged wisely, writing articles is also one of the largest chances for website traffic expansion that online entrepreneurs have today. It will find him prospects, it will sell him products or services, or help his affiliates to sell them, and it will make his name and its online business opportunity known wherever the internet is present.

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Learn HOW to Write Articles and Make Money for your Online Business Opportunity


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 You can write about your work, hobbies or business this is a great way to get started. This is how you will turn your writing into a money making effort. You can promote goods or services that you have used and write about your experience with them. You can write about places you have visited, help readers plan a trip from your experiences in the area you visited. You can write about your pets on how to keep them healthy.
You should develop an easy to follow marketing plan. This is why promoting your articles through article directories is really important in making an income from your writing. Where do you want to post your articles? There are many web sites that will pay you for good quality articles. You need to make sure and read their TOS,term of service, and stick with it. You should make sure to backline your articles if it is allowed in article directories or web sites. The biggest goal in writing articles is that they need to be informative and a benefit to the readers.  
When writing articles you need to stay focused on the subject. Writing is communication with your reader.The reader needs to understand what your writing about so you need to stay focused on the topic. Choose a topic or subject matter that you are familiar with. Topics with a limited or specific subject are easier to write about. If you have specific knowledge of a subject such as cars or trucks then it is easier to write about.  Automobiles are so broad that it take specific knowledge to make a good article. if you are experienced with compact disc players in cars then you have a good subject to write about. This is how to stay focused on a topic in an area that has many different subjects to pick from.
  You need to focus on the cost, descriptions, and details of the subject matter.

You can do different how to subjects from advantages to disadvantages. You can point out the best styles and most popular ideas in your article. Many article sites will pay a small amount of money for your articles. Some more then others but even a small amount is better then nothing. You also get back links to your site or article.  Write Articles Make Money

Get paid for writing unique quality articles! Excellent grammar is a must and ALL articles are subject to review by

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Tips on Writing Articles

How is your online business doing? Are you promoting some affiliate site and need to get some traffic to your selling page, have run out of free options but don’t have money to start a paid campaign? Well that was my situation before I joined Wealth Affiliates and decided to take a article writing course.

If you tried using Articles Marketing before and were unsuccessful or if you never tried it before, that is the right article for you. I’ll try to teach you some very useful tips to write a good article, that can be used to promote a product and make you some money.

The first step is choosing the product you want to advertise. You can chose from an affiliate program to a e-book, there is a large array of possibilities, as long as that product gives you a relevant commission fee.

The second step is about doing a little research on your target audience, the people that will buy the product you’re advertising. This is an important step to define the main keywords of your article, so it can be viewed by the search engines out there. Try to figure out what kind of search would a potential costumer to your product do.

After you find the ideal keywords, step three is about the article writing itself.

Use a keyword density (how many times your keyword phases appears on the page) of about 3-7 occurrences.
Use basic grammar and try giving some personalty to your article (write a review, tell a history or write a testimonial). Your article should sound like an e-mail letter or instructions to a friend.
Don’t make it too long. The ideal length is somewhere between 300-500 words. This ensures that your article will be listed on search engines and will give all the relevant information.

Follow this tips and watch your commission fees take off.

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Creating Quality Articles With Article Writing

One of the most important article writing tips is also one of the most overlooked. This tip is: make sure your articles read well and are free of grammar and spelling mistakes. The problem is that four out of five articles on the World Wide Web fail to meet these standards.

Another problem is that these poorly written articles, though they may contain excellent keywording and be SEO friendly, read so poorly that they will not create return visitors to your website. A logical and business savvy website owner should understand the importance and need for return visitors.

How To Ensure That Your Articles Are Of The Highest Quality

The easiest thing to do in order to ensure that your articles of the highest quality is to simply read and review every article you write. Many writers will simply speed through their writing and will not take the time to simply read over their articles. Additionally, the majority of writing programs contain a “spell check” feature by default.

By reading an article out loud the majority of grammar mistakes can immediately be found and corrected. Another idea is to have another person read the articles that you write to ensure that they read well and feature no grammar and spelling mistakes. It is much easier to have someone review and critique your work than it is for you to do this on your own.

When you execute these simple steps you will quickly find that your article quality will greatly improve.

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Difference between Article Marketing and Article Writing

One common mistake that people might do is to confuse traditional article writing with article marketing. Writing and publishing articles in magazines, journals, newspapers or to various other sites is completely different from article marketing.

Article marketing is basically a marketing tool used by marketers to generate optimal web traffic to their websites, increase page ranking, gain popularity and develop credibility to optimize their sales and profitability. Article writing is basically a field of writing, where writers produce articles that delivers their knowledge, expertise and their view on some specific topics and subjects of their interest to general public through publishing articles.

Listed below are few of the major differences between both.

Article marketing is a marketing tool to generate business sales and profits, while article writing is just writing articles to aware general public on specific issues and topics with no sales or marketing phenomenon.
Article marketers submit articles for free while article writers charge a fee.
Articles marketers submit articles to article directories in order to increase links and drive web traffic to their sites and to generate business leads, while article writer submit articles to related sites with no desire to generate business leads.
The success of article marketing depends on amount of web traffic it generates and the ranking of the company’s website and company’s credibility, while the success of article writing depends on author’s own credibility.
Article marketers’ main aim is to provide problem solving material to their customers while an article writer conduct research and provide his views or information to increase awareness of its readers on the subject matter.
Article marketer has to make sure that the article has popular keywords and its placement, appropriate links, well design author resource box and is SEO focused while an article writer is never required to ensure such things.

Hence it is quite evident now that article marketing is not about writing articles, rather it is actually a marketing tool that is aimed to promote online.

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