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The Evolving Importance of Social Proof


          Social Proof is a body of visual evidence that proves that your business is making waves within your industry. While trying to sale clients on why they should put their best foot forward online, many digital strategy companies still encounter businesses that skeptically say, “If you think my business needs to participate in social media to make my company thrive online, you need to prove it!” Social Proof is the visual element of proving the value of having an online presence. At one time, having a high score on a star-based scale
(4 or 5 stars for example) was the dominant Social Proof belief system while comments were assumed to be fixed or corrupted. The emerging popularity of social networking changed  Social Proof. It became more interactive and flirty.

Many businesses still need convincing when it comes to why they should make room in their company budgets for social media. Social Proof, informational social influence, is a term that was originally known as a psychological phenomenon. Now, Social Proof is used in reference to demonstrating a following/support of an idea. Social media is the current and prominent Social Proof that many companies utilize to demonstrate their relevance in the market place. For example, the number of Facebook fans and/or Twitter followers you have, creates the assumption that your company has Social Proof or a tribe of supporters endorsing your product and services.

Furthermore, the more interactions you have with your fans or followers confirms that your current and/or potential customers enjoy engaging in any information available regarding your product. Dialogue amongst you, other industry experts and your customers is the strongest form of Social Proof. It indicates that your colleagues and customers believe that your company and product represent something worth conversing about. Social media analytics has continued the trend of Social Proof. This social networking report tool confirms a company’s relevance (or lack of) to those who need concrete evidence of who is interacting with a company online.

Social Proof is definitely relevant with companies experiencing cutbacks and those who closely watch their budgets. Clients want concrete proof on why they should invest in something that may not show a ROI immediately. Social Proof is often fueled by band-wagon trends, so if you can create a hunger for your product and service, have people comment on it and display its success in an analytic report form – your pudding will have a profitable result.


Parents are Getting Techy with their Baby Girls Name. Do you?

The world of parenthood is full of excitement and awesome feelings, but it also comes with lots of other responsibilities. And one of the major responsibilities when your baby comes into this world is naming the baby. If we check the trend of last few years, parents are experimenting a lot to give their kids unique names. Many parents have also chosen to be techy. There are many baby girl names (inspired from technology) available that you can choose from.

Inspired from the most popular social network site, Facebook, parents are experimenting with names such as ‘Like’. Whether you are aware of this fact or not, but it is fun to know that an Israeli couple chose the name ‘Like’ for their daughter.The parents expressed that the name ‘Like’ for their daughter sounds ‘short and sweet’ as well unique and innovative. This is the not the first time any parent has named their baby inspired from technology. Earlier this year, a family in Egypt named their daughter “Facebook.” The child’s full name is Facebook Ibrahim.

Seeing these facts, there is now quite a trend in choosing unique girl names. And apart from these names, there are lots of other combinations or techy names that you can opt for (if
you dare to do so). Here are the top five Tech-Inspired baby girl names.

Oracle: This can be interesting and unique name for your girl. Oracle builds computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, and it is the third-largest software maker by revenue. But the name ‘Oracle’ is sweet and easy to pronounce.

Perl: It is not something related to a shining object, but a programming language. If you want something interesting and reasonable, Perl is a good choice.

Ruby: An open source programming language, but it doesn’t give the impression of too much tech-inspired. Simple 4 letters word, but quite interesting and sober.

Linus: It’s other tech-inspired baby girl name that can be quite interesting for open-source lovers.

Hashtag: Very popular term amongst social networking freaks. But it is now a name of a baby girl. Recently, a couple named their daughter ‘Hashtag’.

The above mentioned names have their own uniqueness and soberness. But it all depends on your choice… what kind of name you want for your daughter. If you dig deep into the technology glossary, chances are very bright that you will find much more interesting names. Besides that, if you want to add your own suggestions, just visit the comment section. Maybe, you will come up with something that may rule the roost in the years to come.

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Why should we use Twitter at all?

“Good luck with #hashtags,” replied a friend. Another suggested that I show them Senator Chuck Grassley’scampaign commercial, in which the septuagenarian explains that Twitter is not an incurable disease.

Meanwhile, back at the dinner table, I was struggling to explain how Twitter works. My parents and my mother’s parents have all used Facebook, and they all have Ivy League degrees. But even @ replies seemed to require several additional layers of explanation Dell d820 Battery,Compaq nc6400 batteries (it’s like a short email that everyone can see but it’s really for one person unless you put a period in front of the @…).

I know my folks could learn how to use Twitter if I sat them down at a computer — it’s really no harder than sending an email. But while I slogged through the technical specifics, I was avoiding their real question — why should we use Twitter at all?

So now, for the benefits of my grandparents and yours, here are five jargon-free reasons for Grandma to get on the tweet train.

1. Relevant Headlines Customized For You

Think of Twitter as a stream of constantly updating headlines and comments about everything that matters to you. You can get updates from your favorite news organizations. Athletic teams. Celebrities. Your local government. Your airline. Your favorite websites. Your colleagues. And of course, your family and friends.

You can digest all of this information quickly because Twitter limits each headline (called a “tweet”) to 140 characters. Want to go deeper? Many tweets include links where you can learn more.

Plus, if you write your own tweets, you can to add your voice to the conversation.

2. Non-intrusive, Flexible Conversations With Your Friends

If you send a group email, you’re assuming that everyone wants to read it. You’re also forcing everyone to read everyone else’s replies. On Twitter, anyone who reads your tweets can choose to actively converse with you, or simply read your updates and conversations at their own pace.

Tweeting (yes, it’s both a noun and a verb — sorry) can also yield surprising insight from others who might “overhear” you — you might pose a question Toshiba Pa3356u-3bas Battery,Dell gw240 Battery to one person and get insight from a different person you never even thought to ask.

3. Access to Powerful People and Companies

Want to talk to your favorite athlete, movie star, or politician? Want to get rapid customer service from your rental car company, or to ask your favorite potato chip company to make a unique flavor for Groundhog Day? When you talk to famous people and companies on Twitter, they listen — and there’s a decent chance they’ll respond. You can’t say the same about email.

4. (Almost) No Junk

Email comes to you whether you want it or not. But on Twitter, you have total control over the information you receive. If an account is spamming you with ads, meaningless lunch updates, or just too much information, you simply unfollow them.

5. Twitter is Safe (As Long As You’re Smart)

The information you give to Twitter to start your account — like your email address Asus a32-f3 Battery,Dell latitude e4300 battery and password — is just as secure as it is on other sites you already use like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. Your tweets, however, are public — the Library of Congress even keeps an archive.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your personal information secure on Twitter: if you don’t want the world to know something (your bank account, your political views, the blood type of your firstborn), don’t tweet it.

Even if you’re not comfortable posting any information, that’s fine. As Twitter says on its homepage (and as I explained in Reason 1), “[y]ou don’t have to tweet to get value from Twitter.”

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Twitter Vocabulary For Newbies

Twitter has been popular for a long time but if you have joined in recently, you might be wondering what is RT, what are hashtags etc. as you see that people use them. Actually, there is a need to learn a whole new set of vocabulary in order to fully take advantage of the service. Here are a few terms which will guide the new tweeters.


Someone who posts a message on Twitter.

FTW – For the win
Known more for a celebratory remark left at the end of the tweet, the acronym “FTW” is basically saying that something rocks, a person has come through in a clutch, or someone or something has saved the moment/day.

RT – Retweet

A retweet is basically tweeting someone’s previous tweet with @ symbol and his/her username. RTs are done because you find it interesting that you would like to share with your friends and followers. Attribution of the tweet to the original tweeter is needed.


Hashtags are phrases or keywords that can be used to monitor who is saying what about a particular topic. Standards for hashtags are one word (#Conference) or multiple words strewn together without any spaces (#EventConferenceTheme).

DM – Direct Message

Direct messaging is the way on Twitter for you to send private messages. The only way to send DMs is if the recipient is following you & for them to respond with a DM, you would need to be following them.


Fail is the slang term that can be used to mean that something or someone has failed to meet expectations. For example, going to see a movie or to an event with lot of expectations only to be disappointed? You might tweet your disappointment followed by the word “Fail”.

Twitter handle

This is the name that designates someone on Twitter. When someone asks what your Twitter handle is, this means they are asking for your username. For example, my twitter hand is techack.

URL Shortener

Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, every single character counts. URL Shortener allow you to post weblinks more efficiently and some will even offer tracking capability that you can see how many twitter followers click on the link. TinyURL, and are some famous URL Shorteners.

4 Powerful Ways to Use Advanced Search on Twitter and Get Amazing Results

� Matching tweets that include a particular phrase or collection of terms
� Matching tweets that do not include particular word or phrase
� Looking for tweets replied by fellow tweeter
� Restricting your search to tweets posted in specific date range
� Looking for individual hashtags

This is possible to do with Twitter’s advanced search system. First just search for “Twitter Search” on Google. Once you have pulled the Twitter Search page up you are ready to go.

Perform an Advanced Word Search

A simple word search to search for tweets that match your phrase. Advanced word searches include matching a phrase, matching multiple words. Matching one word or another, and matching tweets that exclude a word.

Looking for Tweets that Include a Phrase

If you want to find a phrase that you have in mind use the following steps to run the search using the Advanced Search form

1. From any search page, click the Advanced Search link.
2. In the “This Exact Phrase” box, type the phrase you want to match.
3. Click Search

Searching for Tweets that Include Multiple Words

If you are searching for certain tweets that contain multiple words, use these steps

1. Again, click the Advanced Search link on any search page.
2. In the “All of These Words box. Type each word you want to match
3. Click Search

Searching for Tweets that Include One Word or Another

You can also examine for certain tweets that include one or more words from a list of words. Here is how you do the Advanced Search form

1. Starting at the Advanced Search link type the list of words that you want Twitter to find matches in the “Any of These Words” text box.
2. Click Search
3. As a bonus, you can also get to search for tweets that include one or more phrases from a list of phrases. To do this include the word “OR” (must be typed in all caps) and insert it between each word or phrase (with the last word in quotation marks). For example mac OR linux OR “windows”

Look for Tweets that Exclude a Word

It is also useful to search for tweets that do not include a particular word. For example, if you are interested in “Chardonnay wine” but you dislike the ones imported from Chile, you can tell Twitter to skip tweets that include “Chile”.

Here is how to use this powerful search program.

1. Click on Advanced Search
2. In the “None of These Words” text box, type one or more words that you want to use to exclude tweets.
3. Click Search
Hope you find these 4 different ways to look on Twitter helpful.

Be sure to check out ways to do an Advance Search on People on Twitter.

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