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Magazine Article Writing

Aside from accepting ghostwriting jobs from ebusiness owners and affiliate marketers, writers can also earn decent amount of money by writing articles for magazines. Do you want to try your luck in this endeavor? Then, let me help you increase your chances of succeeding in this field. All you need to do is follow these tips:

First thing to do is to figure out those subjects that you’re an expert on and those topics that you love to talk about. Are you very knowledgeable when it comes to general women’s issues? Do you love sports and entertainment? Are you a fitness buff? Are you considered an expert when it comes to love, family, and relationship? Consider the areas where you excel in and find magazines that focus on these subjects.

Research your topics. Do not start writing your articles unless you gather sufficient data about your chosen topics. Read relevant books, interview people who are considered authority in your chosen subjects, do experiments, conduct surveys, etc. It’s very important that you have a lot of information to offer to ensure that your readers will walk away feeling well-informed.

Explore interesting angles. You would like your target audience to pay attention to your articles, right? This will not happen if you stick with boring angles. What you can do is think of ways on how you can make your articles even more interesting. Target angles that will help you excite your readers.

Use catchy titles. Bear in mind that your articles will be published on the same page with other articles. To ensure that your work will not be ignored, make use of catchy title that will grab your readers by the throat. Using as few words as possible, tell these people the gist of your content and the benefits it can offer.

Use only powerful words that can help you hook your readers.

Break your articles into sub topics. You don’t want your articles to appear boring or painful on the eyes. That is why, I suggest that you use subheads and short paragraphs. Using several white blank spaces will help you make your articles more readable. It will also help if you break your texts using images that are related to your topic.

Make it upbeat. One of the reasons why people read magazines is because they would like to be entertained. So, don’t make your articles sound like they are entries from a boring encyclopedia. Write them with enthusiasm. Your readers must feel your excitement so they’ll be enticed to read your articles until the end.

Write with your audience in mind. Before you choose the writing format and language to use, before you decide on the information that you’re going to include in your articles, ensure that you consider the needs and wants of your target audience. Your goal here is to give these people exactly what they’re looking for.

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Easy Article Writing Tips

Whether you are just starting out with your online business or you are seasoned pro, writing and distributing articles is one of the most effective and low-cost ways to drive lots of targeted traffic to your site. Writing articles and submitting them to the article directories will get you free traffic when people click on the link in your resource box. It is also a great way to improve search engine rankings, since you will have plenty of incoming links to your site. Let’s take a look at how you can get started writing articles. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Write a Top Ten List

An easy way to get started with an article is to come up with a Top Ten List. Find a topic related to your business and jot down ten reasons why someone should purchase your product or offer advice on a topic that’s related to your website. Examples would be top ten ways to get your baby to sleep through the night, top ten reasons to write articles, or top ten reasons to buy car insurance. Once you have your list of ten items, write a little paragraph about each, explaining the reason in a little more detail.

Next you add an introductory paragraph that pulls the reader into your list. For example an introduction to the baby sleeping through the night article could mention how hard it is to make it through the day and how sleep deprived you are until you get your baby to sleep through the night. Then close your article either by summing up what you just told them in your top ten lists or encouraging them to act on what you just told them about.

Congratulations, you just wrote an article. Of course you can easily shorten this to a top 5 list. Just write a little more about each of your points.

Record Your Article

Some people prefer recording themselves while they are talking about a particular topic and then transcribing and editing it into an article. If you have an easier time talking about a particular topic than writing about it, this may be a great option for you. Most MP3 players now come with a record option, or you can pick up a cheap tape-recorder. Pick a topic and just start talking as if you were explaining it to a friend. Just start babbling and the ideas will start to flow. Now listen to your tape. Write down and arrange the major points you mad in order. Add an intro and a closing and you have another article.

Hire a Ghost Writer

If you are having a hard time writing articles, or just don’t have the time to do it, you can still benefit from article marketing by hiring a ghostwriter. Ghost Writers will write unique articles for you that become your intellectual property. You can post them as your own work to your site, your blog, as well as the article directories. You can find a ghost writer on sites like elance. There are also some freelance writers with their own websites out there. You can usually buy articles anywhere from $ 5 – $ 65.

Write an Outline and Have Someone Else Turn it into an Article

Another option if you don’t want to do all the writing yourself is for you to write a basic outline of the article and the point you want to bring across. Jot down any ideas you have for the article, then ask a friend or hire someone to flesh it out for you into an article. You may be more comfortable with passing these articles off as your own, since the content of the article was your original idea. Someone else just put it into an article format for you.

There is no reason for you not to get started with article marketing one way or the other. Get a few articles out there and then sit back and watch the traffic come in. You’ll be so impressed by the results you can get even from a handful of article, you’ll be writing them and submitting them all the time.

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Article Writing – Three Questions

Ideas are difficult to be built. Brainstorming for a new idea or choosing the type to write articles from this idea is more difficult. All these tasks are the problems of beginning for a new article. These Three Question article will show you how to start with the popular article type.


First of all, you need to identify a topic for which people reading an article site are likely to have questions. Now, this can be almost anything, but as you are an expert in various things, you probably want to choose one of those things to write your article about. This is likely the same topic as some of your previous articles, or ones which you have a good set of resources ready to promote.


Next, come up with a title emphasising the Three Questions aspect of the article and the fact that it is to be presented to help beginners. There are different templates you can use for this, but let’s say you were writing a beginner’s guide to blogging. Some possible titles would be ‘The Top Three Questions Asked By New Bloggers Answered’ or ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging Answered In Three Questions’. I’m sure you can think of others that will suit your own topic.


Once you’ve done this, you need to come up with three questions. A good way to do this is just to scan other articles you’ve written on this topic and see what topics appear frequently. Alternatively, you might remember when you first started. You really need three good questions which will help out people who are just getting started. Make sure that you keep the questions relatively short as you need to cover three of them within the space of one article.


The final thing you need to do is to sit down and write the article.

The standard format for these is to start off with a paragraph introducing the area and saying why you want to help the beginner. Then ask and answer each of the three questions in turn. Give a summing paragraph to add a nice close to the article. This will be immediately followed by your resource box, which provides more helpful places for the new reader to visit. After that, you have an article.


This form of article is great when you’re short of ideas, as anything you can do that helps beginners is always useful. Plus, it’s quite easy to come up three common questions without having to do a lot of research. Do try this out and make your next article a Three Questions article.


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SEO Article Writing Services

Article marketing is an effective way to promote an online business and get valuable returns from it. SEO article writing services play a significant role in such marketing efforts. They provide the content that’s highly beneficial in the advertising campaigns i.e. not just for article marketing but also PPC advertising, search engine marketing, blogging, forum posting, and banner advertising etc.

The content provided by the article writing services is mostly search engine friendly and has the right keywords in the right density. But, you’ll have to be sure of what type of articles you need and in how much quantity. This will eventually help you find good writing services that don’t charge much yet give the quality that improves the search engine ranking.

 Why Hire Professional Article Writing Services?

Experienced Writers: A professional article writing service has a team of expert writers. It ensures that your work is of the highest quality and is delivered on time. Such service providers have writers who’re experienced in writing any type of content quickly with proper keyword density and word count.

Free Samples: Content writing companies offer free sample work before taking up the project. This is only done on request of the clients. One or two samples are always entertained by article writing services prior to resuming the work.

Better Pricing: You might find freelancers charging very low compared to the companies, but their content is not always worth it.

Therefore, it’s better to go for professional services – they provide good content at affordable pricing.

Benefits of SEO Article Writing Services

Effective Marketing Campaign: Quality articles are always an effective way to attain great marketing results.  They make a campaign successful by attracting targeted traffic to your business and by increasing the sale prospects.

Improved Page Ranking: The page ranking on Google, Yahoo! and Bing plays a pivotal role in development of an online business. Companies carry search engine optimization campaigns to improve the page rank of their site. And article marketing happens to be the right-arm of the SEO. It improves the page rank by bringing the quality back links.

Credibility: With improved page rank, the credibility of the article writing services increases. People tend to believe their quality and pay the amount asked by them. Besides that, these firms also get an expert status in the online market and are treated as capable of producing high-quality and expertly-written articles.

Well-Research Content: The professional companies have a team of experts who’re focused on research. Their only work is to research about any given topic in the best possible way and find what’s required to come up with good articles. Their research methodologies and skills are best in the industry and match the requirements of the global audience.


If you’re looking to get articles written, then go for professional article writing services. They have the knowledge of search engine optimization techniques, the best pricing strategies, the finest team of experts, and of course the finest quality of work.


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More Article Writing Articles

Creative Article Writing Services

However, independent leasing option is to write articles, an article writing service is the most suitable option. A content writing service, the content, grammar, and relevance to all aspects of the articles do not have to worry about. As They are a team dedicated to writing business, you are sure to get the best out of.

Professional Edge

With amateur writers and freelance writers to write on topics They Are Completely not really. They are only a limited range of subjects would be bootable to deliver quality content. In contrast, an article writing service with a professional team of authors is an expert in the field. All articles are of the highest professional standards and you do not have to worry about the quality.

Creative and fresh content

A freelance writer, with every article you cannot expect the new style of writing. Distributed by the article would be limited only to your creativity. However, written articles deli fresh creative content writing services. So, Everything That you assign to them, you’re bound to find new and innovative articles are. In Addition, They all articles will be written with SEO optimization techniques.

Prompt delivery of articles

Re a part-time business as a freelance article writer makes. He and professional commitment, and powerful Therefore as soon as you need them will not be bootable to submit articles. He needs a minimum of 24 hours or sometimes longer, Depending on the length of the article. Other hand, an article writing you for the service for the time frame of qualification to do not have to worry about. They Usually accordion thing to your specifications to give and articles as soon as you need it.

So, if you need articles within-12 hours, you can get to them.

Error-free work

A freelance writer, you always double-check and proof-read the article so as to ensure That there will be no errors. Grammatical errors and typing mistakes on and off your website with the article’s publication Could damage your reputation. However, this article examines the extra time on your part is required. A content writing service, you can check for errors and other mistakes in the extra time is not wasted. They professional experts and error-free articles to give the double will check.

Internet marketing has really changed the face of the recluse. The most important and effective forms of internet marketing is to write an article.

The good news is that many online companies now offer article writing service. By making use of the advantages of article write services to be loaded. For one, saves you time required for an excellent and compelling copy make. Entrepreneur when you write copy yourself, some things tend to ignore, because you can all the details of the company.

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