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New Years Eve in DC: iLife, Googlife, and Angry Facebirds

There are so many new things in New Years Eve in DC that I just have not yet hopped on the technological band-wagon with.  From the iEverythings to the games that go on them and the social networks that follow them, I will tell you about everything that I have not got on board with yet.

First, there was walking halfway down the farm dirt road to meet your friend and play kick the can.  Then came the landline telephone, and, before we knew it, every one had cell phones, computers, and micro chips implanted into their brains that allowed them to call anyone with just a thought.  Okay, so we all know the last part is not true on new year’s eve washington d.c.. 

Now that cell phones AND computers are must haves for anyone who has the coordination to work them– and even those who do not– New Years Eve in DC companies like Apple have created iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iEverythingelses for users to stay connected.  As an added bonus, anything that comes with a aol chat messenger  Myspace Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google+ app is available now.

Yes, now even Google has created their own phone AND social network to go along with their universal search engine.  I hesitate to ask what they will be marketing next new year d.c. because I probably can not even fathom it yet.  Then again, if Google is about to take over the world, it would not surprise me but might be valuable to know now!

Any one who does not have an iLife or Android with Angry Birds, Facebook and Farmville, and Google + with the Google Life app, is not doing anything with their life.  Before you think about buying one, remember that every few months, something New Years Eve in DC will come out, so even if you wait, you will always have the “latest” trend in technological marketing.  If you need to know more information about any of this, just Google it on your Android app, read a book about it on your nook paperless/page-less book, or skip all of those steps and just keep playing the Angry Birds game on your iPhone 360.

Top 5 tips for a more social iPhone on Social Media Day

Thursday is Social Media Day, so in honor of that, I’d like to offer a few tips about making your iPhone a more social device. It’d be easy to just say “register as a developer and install iOS 5,” since that brings Twitter integration, but here are some options that don’t cost $ 99 and involve using pre-release software on your primary device.

1. Setup Facebook and Flickr albums in iPhoto

This is actually a tip for your Mac, but it makes it much easier to share photos to Facebook and Flickr if you set up Events in iPhoto ’11 that you can dump content to in bulk. Using uploading apps on the iPhone itself usually works best if you’re only doing one photo at a time, and if you’re on vacation, that can get annoying very fast. Connecting your social accounts in iPhoto will make it much easier to create organized albums on Facebook and Flicker with only a couple of clicks.

To set up your services, just go to iPhoto’s Preferences and click on Accounts:

2. Add bookmarklets to mobile Safari for social sharing

Soon you’ll be able to tweet right from within Safari using the native iOS share button, but for now, tweeting links while browsing on a mobile device can be a frustrating procedure if you’re using a standard copy/paste method. Instead, you can use bookmarklets (which are basically bookmarks that perform a function) in mobile Safari to share on Twitter, or on Facebook and Tumblr, too. Check out those, and many other useful bookmarklets, complete with full instructions, over at Digital Inspiration.

3. Get all the primary iPhone apps

The iPhone is well-represented when it comes to social network apps. The Facebook app just got a small update to fix bugs and improve performance, and the Tumblr app was updated earlier this week, and now has a completely redesigned interface that’s perfect for mobile sharing. Twitter on the iPhone is a solid client, but there are many third-party options available, too, like the uniquely designed Tweetbot. There’s also a Flickr app , and of course Instagram, which is quickly becoming the default network for sharing pictures on an iPhone. You’d be surprised at how much more likely you are to use these services just by having their native apps on your device.

4. See content recommendations from Facebook in Safari

Want so see some content reading and viewing selections from your Facebook friends without ever leaving your browser? The Recommend browser extension (really a bookmarklet like those described above) by Bob Hitching will let you call up a window that shows you what people in your network on Facebook are recommending most. It can be a little hit or miss, but it does surface some interesting content.

5. Use cross-service sharing apps

You can use Dropico, a service that provides one-stop battery shopping for photo sharing across networks like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Twitter and Tumblr, to cut down considerably on the time it takes to participate in multiple networks, and even apply effects prior to sharing. Likewise, Gowalla can check-in to multiple location-based networks, including Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla itself, all through one app.

iOS 5 will really up the game for iPhone social sharing, and it looks like Google+ might help as well, although initial reaction appears to be split, likely because of Google’s spotty track record with social services (remember Wave?). But if you want your device to be a better tool for engaging with others, there’s no reason to wait when so many choice tools are available right now.

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How to Build Online Exposure with Animated Video Production

The advanced digital technology today gave a lot of people, especially businesses the chance of making themselves heard, or promoting their services online through micro blogging such as Twitter, Posterous and Tumblr; profile creation in Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn; animated video production on Youtube, Vimeo and Veoh. Don’t you agree?

By this, we will focus on web video production. Advertising products with animated videos are getting more and more popular these days, not just on TV but also in the Internet. There are countless websites that allow their users to make their videos; using either pre-made animated characters or downloaded images. However, in order to stand out and build your online presence, there are important steps you must consider. Some examples are listed below…


How to Build Online Exposure with Animated Video Production:


Introduce your Business – give an account of how your business started. Although, there may be a lot of things you want to tell your viewers, it would be best to stick to the major parts. Inspire them by telling the obstacles or trials that you need to get through. Add some funny parts in the animation, this will not only make them laugh, but they will be able to relate on how honest you delivered the message.


Be Simple – information overload is a big NO when it comes to delivering your message. It is best to give simple yet relevant facts about your services where people can develop their trust in you. It is important for them to see you not as someone who is trying to squeeze money from them, but somebody who is really dedicated to help future clients.


Put in Some Fun – as mentioned in the first example, add funny parts. The most popular and hit animated video productions are usually the ones that give laughter to people and make them feel good. You can use basic stick figures or outlines.


Put Quality Audio – web video production may work without voice or audio, as long as they have the visuals. However, to increase the emotion associated with your video, especially if you wanted to deliver complicated messages, it is best to invest on quality background music or audio. You may choose to hire voice over artists or narrator for this.


Get Commendation – you may brag non-stop about how amazing your products and services are, but one way to really have a powerful exposure online is to get short video testimonials from your customers about their experience with your services.


Plan a Good Story – the plot is one of the main factors that drive your production. You must target to entertain your viewers and future clients with unique and creative ideas. Plan the script, story board and how the animated video should look like. Additionally, at the end of the project, never forget to review the whole thing for any revisions before going live.


Although animated video productions are mostly composed of cartoon characters and such, you must always remember to keep the honesty behind the message you want to convey, this is one way in making an impression with your future customers and to build trusting relationship towards them.

I love writing about SEO related stuff including micro blogging, profile creation and animated video production. Feel free to find your link building, outsourcing and online marketing needs HERE.

Leveraging social networks and grow your business in the process

Social Media Marketing is the most talked about business marketing platforms today. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Foursquare and others are the protagonists and it is difficult for business owners and marketing to see if and how they can get into the game. For many, the question is why, how.

The debate boils down to the Old World compared to the marketing of the new world. The industries of television and newspapers are showing diminishing returns, but some are still not changing direction. Some businesses are sticking to old methods and does not change accordingly. Marketing methods are constantly changing with new technology and social media marketing, in particular, is gaining the business world by storm.

Many companies realize this change and wants to be a social media campaign marketing immediately, however, there are certain questions that need to be answered initially. Social Media can help your company sell? Who is your customer? Are you B2B or B2C? What platforms are most appropriate? Do you know what each medium can and should be used?

Facebook has become a hotbed of Internet marketing, it has more members than any other option. Many vendors are missing the boat with Facebook as a marketing platform, and finally returns to pay-per-click ads and other tactics will not support the budget required. Facebook is a great tool, but must be used properly.

Facebook is the place for the community, not advertising. It is the place to build a house for his fans, where everyone has a voice. If you put together the right campaign, Facebook can be hugely rewarding for you and your customers. Think of all the data can be collected for listening! If you can build a place for people to come and encourage the commitment, giving away prizes, and give people a reason to be on your page, you will experience a positive return. If you just use the wall to launch a bid, you will decrease your performance and campaign on fire.

Twitter is the fastest growing platform for today’s social networks, and business benefits can be enormous. Twitter is great for directing traffic. Think of it as a gigantic news service points multiple directions of traffic based on impressions, conversions, etc..

You must have the complete package designed to take advantage indeed. Where to go traffic? Do you have an attractive website with a call to action? It’s a blog that flows relevant content that would be a perfect place to send the traffic? Do you have innovative products that people need to know? The principles of advertising apply the same old, we are all playing in a sandbox different.

LinkedIn and YouTube are means of social media that are growing rapidly, but for different reasons. LinkedIn recently surpassed 100 million members and network capabilities than any other platform like Facebook. LinkedIn may be the number one priority for your business, or may be less, depending on your industry. A real estate agent can find the best tool LinkedIn on the market in a shoe store it difficult to build a network of people. Implementation is everything.

YouTube has recently become the # 2 search engine behind Google. With this traffic and attention, it is easy to see how a video of your company creates can go viral and spread to the masses, although it is much easier said than done. The main reason for using YouTube is for SEO purposes. If done correctly, optimizing your videos short (30 seconds to 1 minute) can help increase your web presence. Think about the power of YouTube can be for you to drive traffic to videos that have posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Now you can see the integration. Tumblr can help you deploy and optimize your blog, and Foursquare can promote their points of sale, offering participants offers and exclusive promotions! Facebook houses its community of fans who are thirsty to know more and make their voices heard. LinkedIn helps you network with other professionals and clients. Twitter may distribute the information and send traffic through links short. YouTube helps your website gain relevance and provides much of the material for your audience.

Strategic social marketing campaigns, direct web traffic and sales, promoting products or services and grow your presence and increase sales should be the goal and focus their marketing efforts in social media. At day’s end, a sale is made, and if your Internet marketing efforts are driving the sales line should probably let the professionals take a crack at it.

Ernest Fann editor for Technology Blog. Get all possible information about Gadget Blog and Social Media Blog. we also provide Technology News, Web Marketing News, Apps & Utilities News, Design & Inspiration and Reviews Information.

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What someone Can’t Give Everyone

Following investing a great unjustified length of time on Tumblr 1 Saturday morning, My partner and i appeared to help you bump into a great lovely pic. Needless to say, I have a certain affinity to the present monster (or extremely any kind of small animal), so i fast up-to-date this Zynga saying I’d love to come to be web-sites a newborn wagering action.

Looking to receive a number of comments from this mates that kindly show your a ridiculousness, As i hopped with the bathe, identified to build my own moment started as an alternative to throwing away it separate looking at a 15? computer screen. Thirty min’s and something Beyonce sing-along under the h2o, I did what just about every Gen Y will: utilized a mobile phone back in lifetime considering becoming without the need of that meant for a great “long” time frame created myself come to feel shut off.

Relating to the screen ended up being a fresh text through the dude I was looking at during the time and additionally even though you were not substantial, Prefer dug him or her. They has been one particular who consistently have an item interesting to talk about but not did not surprise people. This note will prove the last: Test a person’s e-mail.

Not sure with the reason why he would send out an item to help you my e mail rather than naming or revealing to us, I actually become available Google30mail to get no meaning out of the dog. Lost, I actually dispatched some sort of question level with response (so instructive, I know), together with they told her along with: Most people imagined an infant wagering action, didn’t people? Being more puzzled with these cryptic emails and the actuality they was stalking this Youtube mid-day, My partner and i looked rear inside my accountant and noticed a contact never coming from him, nonetheless in the WWF. This individual couldn’t allow everyone the proper babe wagering action, nevertheless your dog may well use an individual from The african continent in my brand. And so, they did – much like that. Your certificate ended up being waiting proudly a press gone and the snuggly and additionally loaded edition came up a few weeks after.

Which means that surprisingly adult males may well provide the virtually wiped out puppy you mindlessly questioned inside of a standing update. Where they are able to go away paperwork within jean pouches, recorded at the rear of a good closed down entry everyone rarely open, in addition to upon your reflector so that you never forget the best way attractive you will be. They will get everyone this pendant or that will hoop you intently gleamed at behind Style. They will purposefully go away the apartment with the trivial simple fact that they’re from tangerine power therefore you at all times take your large glass the next day.

And when they’re not contributing ones abdominal and ones necklaces container : adult men may give you many splendored important things. When you can look of the male gender really takes pleasure in most people, it’s powerful. All things considered, we’ve met those that that do not care in any way. Hell – we’ve rested well with them. Probably out dated all of them designed for a few months, should some thing improvements. It’s there after catastrophe everyone discover how to become aware of whenever a person occurs who will be just about all hands-and-feet on pack. Most people start to believe they furnish us sentiments most people at all times express we’ve hardly ever was feeling before, until such time as you complete, once again. People take pleasure in us around peace of mind in addition to constant self esteem bolsters. These people don’t make people wait and don’t create things harder or sooner as opposed to cures choose – except if we look for that, not surprisingly. They sustain you and me like quite as most people motivate all of them, of course, if just like increases into adore along with absolutely adore inside material : people weather a modifications because they’d quite stick around as compared to discover a product refined somewhere else.

It’s the case : fellas can allow usa so many important things.

However , I’m needs to recognise you can find even more important things fellas can’t give myself. Mainly because they aren’t capable of the idea, although typically because I wouldn’t require it to. Might be identified areas of my life that don’t compel someone right into together with one can find treats We discover the moment I’m by themselves which don’t usually match your approval humanity income. One can find party and doings this always keep us great in addition to feeling lively this I’d substantially rather can with no company with any person. You will find there’s cache in addition to a feeling involving liberty which emanates from paying the whole thing by myself, searching at my very own conform along with economizing all the way up for any footwear this regardless if people available, I’d hardly ever please let these individuals purchase at a behalf. There’s an easy electricity with being familiar with nearly every single item in my home originated capital My partner and i built with a continue I worked very difficult (and typically to get certainly no pay) to produce. You will find a pleasure As i obtain from marching this road, making eyes hitting the ground with an odder and also two, in addition to continuing to be able to walk around the block right after they find the hint I’ll slowly my own speed for your children – nonetheless My partner and i don’t.

Together with with out dude, without worrying about the continuous reminder that will somebody in this world without doubt realizes everyone tolerable : most people understand how to remain intending. People know that significant difference relating to being a constructive critic in addition to being strategy trickier with all by yourself as compared to everyone else would be. You observe shifts inside your spirits therefore you see why is anyone cheerful, everything that tickles a person’s tastebuds, together with precisely what disgusts anyone. You have ways of lose joy in addition to intend right into your life which zero various person — even the foremost attractive and engaging people : might ever replace. People depend upon you without taking into account you will find a back-up or maybe an entire body to help crack a person’s tumble. You choose the top respond to an inquiries aren’t “call mom” or “call Mr. associated with Appropriate Now” but are unquestionably not really a simple solution at all, these are some sort of issue: Certainly, just what do you want to can?

Those ideas, no matter precisely how insignificantly ridiculous (like a have associated with wine inside bath while taking note of Rhapsody in Red and additionally examining to your 100th time period, Britta Eyre) or even optimally commendable (like your have to not have any person advise everyone at at which a money it would with regard to I’m spending them — by using my profit – to teach me) : are likely to locate any time you’re courting anyone. Even when you’re crazily gets interested your ex.

Nonetheless you need to battle for them. Considering while the guys could be instead heart warming in addition to pleasant, and provide us endearing signs this we’re loveable, that they end up a hell of an distraction. It could be that a lovely a, nevertheless some distraction all alike. I am talking about, little one tigers are probably not a good fit to your little one diamond earrings people scrambled plenty of funds to purchase designed for by ouselves, nevertheless the one means much more to people in case the relationship stops? And additionally which is a girl’s ally (RIP, Liz)?

Can a big worries to be single is normally desiring those ideas we realize humanity can provide you and me. Them we’ve found previous to and get at this moment develop into afraid tend to be always sacrificed. However , the moment love swallows a possibility on you once again, perhaps you may just get losing those things actively only for most people, therefore you just. Its possible you have to keep your own self grounded vital effortlessly swept out.

Because in lieu of flipping some of our curiosity from me and additionally guiding that towards a good he or she this has the likely being a we- we’ve gotta understand how to possess people, hold the he or she, with your we, without the need of dropping all of three.

This current information had been colleted simply by ao nhom, right from Vietnam – the best small business exactly who create ao nhomao dong phuc. Absolutely free aid.