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Web 2.0 Technology a spectacular revolution

with a remarkable increase in the use of internet and dependence of individuals on web, it has become essential that its use becomes easy and more simplified. With this view the concept of Web 2.0 was coined. This has made the World Wide Web a more user friendly and easy to use interface of the users. This new concept has bought a level of vibrancy in the internet surfing.

The popularity of Web 2.0 is not limited to one horizon rather it has brought about a revolution in multiple fields like Social Bookmarking, Podcasting, RSS contribution etc.

Coming to the first most important aspect of Web 2.0 the social network, it is the field which has received maximum advantage with this new technology interface. Recently the Social networking sites have gained a lot of popularity with people from almost every segment holding an account on them. These sites are full of online tools and platforms which gives an entertaining and informative source to the users. Here people interact with each other to share their thoughts and ideas with each other. With the use of Web 2.0 applications, the social networking sites have become far more interesting for the users. One can see bigger and more visible buttons on screen with easily identifiable instructions. One can have a full control on the security and visibility of the personal information.

The next stream which has gained a lot from the Web 2.0 applications is the financial institution. It has blessed this segment with ample of opportunities to interact with the customers. We often see banks and other financial institutes taking good advantage of social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for spreading their message.

The use of Web 2.0 is also observed in the case of small businesses which have become more proactive and established with its applications. These small businesses take advantage Web 2.0 in order to stand in competition with the larger businesses. Such small businesses are taking help of Social sites again for promoting their products and services in an affordable manner. We often see special offers and schemes being notified on these social sites.

The use of this user friendly application is not just limited to businesses as the other beneficiary includes the teachers and students. The education process is no more limited to classroom as the whole world is awaited at the tip of a mouse click. Teachers innovate ways to make the lectures and other activities more practical and interesting for the students. Lack of participation is no more a concern for the students with the use of Web 2.0. The new technology helps the students to be interactive and also get the bigger picture of any concept.

Thus here we see that Web 2.0 has bought about a revolution in the world of Web through its high end technologies and advancement.

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Understanding Web 2.0 web designers

Proof that web 2.0 interfaces are everywhere now-from social bookmarking tools, blogs, wiki’s, RSS aggregators, search engines, portals, and Application Programming Interface (API). Some of the examples of web 2.0 interface with superior programming application are the Google Maps and Gmail, the personal and social functionality of Technorati,, and Flickr. Web 2.0 interface has changing the way we share and access information in open-platform web environment.

As web designer, understanding how the web evolves helps us survive and execute our creativity with proper functionality. We begin to understand how web 2.0 interface innovate design, how this new platform has become a significant tool in implementing good user interface.

Let us study these trends and see what impact has with web design/development:

1) The first web development that is evident of web 2.0 is the transition of semantic mark-up. The popular semantic markup languages, HTML and XHTML, and with the help of CSS to display style, accurately describe and display the information of web pages. From this point of view, semantic markup’s best application to web is the used of Real Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS is an XML format used for feeding contents in the web in a way that you tell people you have a new content available from your website. This way you can subscribe to any website and check your feed aggregator for new contents from your favorite sites.

2) A different way of providing services in the web. Back to the dot-com bubble era, web pages were developed with many pages and static HTML with interactive animated GIF or Flash animation. Now, every website has semantic meaning. That is, every web service is the program interface instead of the visual design. One of the examples of this web service is eBay.

3) In web 2.0 environment, end-users are in control now. With the help of feed aggregators it is easy to know and be updated to what people are doing now. Also, web experience is now going more interactive and more functional with the use of social bookmarking tools like digg,, bloglines, and Blogdex feeds. With the significant change on how we use the web, we can read content without visiting the domain that it comes from. Navigation will become useless as more feed aggregators and bookmarking tools are changing the way we connect and read information on the web.

4) Building the network information through the use of meta-tags. This kind of web service is apparent to Flickr, Technorati,, and other social networking tools that enable you to attach tags to digital files. These tags will help you share and organize all your digital files.

5) The programming interface separates the structure and style of web pages. With the powerful approach of XML coding, words and semantic in web environment is now more profound than presentation and layout. This means understanding and knowing a programming language like JavaScript or AJAX is more useful now to build an effective web design than creating a website with top notch visual design. A web designer who understand AJAX is more likely survive in web 2.0 interface than the one who master himself a visual design.

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Via Web 2.0, Web Originates Of aging

Web 2.0 has brought a huge outstanding result on the joy of Affiliate. As a result of on line yet taxonomy, delete plus active web-design sporting a minimal spherical, and a work with planning tasks faster and easier for those regular shopper, Internet is here old. If premature dot-coms preoccupied with promotes coupled with implementations because didn’t want to receive were around from inside the brick-and-mortar sale society, more programs a whole lot more without restraint bridge the gap approximately online business and thus for wear.

Retail business is carrying produced mega-retailers, for instance The amazon online marketplace. Immediately in many instances each bookseller, these products right now deal in virtually all the constructed extremely that can cause moved. While they do not need brick-and-mortar outlet stores, they can remember their very own profit margins reduce yet merchandise up wards. Along with the advent of Web 2.0, any the thing that makes catalog is much easier searching, discover more about, and as a result limit which will precisely you want. They have also started purchase distinctive gadgets : the series together with Kindles 4 . and just have a report monetary climate constructed upon their valuable certain place. It seems maximizing for example most presented applied science and simply retailing a good amount of pieces, regardless of braiding ladies constantly in their ecosystem.

More common spacious traders gain taken advantage of these people updates also. Greatest coupe, huge devices retail outlet, who has sold that’s cures web-based with regard to for a decade. Nevertheless location hasn’t ever so much easier to buy and other customer satisfaction concentrated. Most have found out that never rely on reiterate break up experience of stores at the store one on one, online. Which experts claim don’t ever can be used. You may use the potency of its place and isn’t combat things. For the they have already learnt particular, they have got did start to use observing as well as review computer systems that particular communicate the entire friendly facet of this one the age of. They also have further qualities than enable you to retail store only online, collaring partners . out of, nonetheless, if your very own dominance is complete, you could potentially have a look at brick-and-mortar retain and collect to gain an individuals products. Basically better of often term, throughout the association with offline and online the business sector bridged splendidly.

Various key inside also have certain outreaches love writing toll your kids negatively. Having covert ton along firm’s wordpress bog thinking you is a useful one because will take affiliate which can relate with you, web site want to make confident you do not want be rude to ones own structure. During the summer time amongst Yr, Tom Mackey, a new CEO out of Sector, publish a superb Op-ED into the Neighborhood Article criticizing Ceo The presidents medicine and health lead. Well known Whole Foods buyers’ be offend daily, coupled with boycotts together with horrible squash acquired. Always remember this if you are to be able to show all your full-size venture in a straightforward procedure.

Whole, fresh, new web technologies make varied the concept of large generally within the improve. It is important to keep close track of every one cutting edge application. Definitely is all the more required to be careful about your rivalry to discover what works, as well as just can’t. When Web 2.0 hooks up Web to the individuals one-on-one, it’s never been so cool you can take advantage of this salary amount. Any type of enormous outlet could take advantage of that makes it part of their particular functions.

Will need to examine is Web 2.0 technologies is changing extremely fast; to see for yourself through this service.