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How Social Marketing Strategy Helps To Promote Sustainable Customer Behavior

Nobody had ever comprehended this phenomenal rise in popularity of social media. What started out as a platform for friendly interactions and reconnecting with old friends and relatives, can become an excellent forum for business promotions and business strategy. The growing popularity of social media is acknowledged by all. Hence, it is quite natural that whatever is posted on social media gets amazing responses, and this, in a way, helps a brand to get noticed. This means that when you also start a company you need to make sure that you need to have excellent social marketing strategy, which will help you in getting an excellent foothold in your business. The given article lists a few of the benefits of social marketing strategy.

The social marketing strategy needs to be such that people get attracted to it in the first place even if they had no intention of buying it. This means event the casual visitors need to get attracted by the social media strategy. It needs to be kept in mind that the social marketing strategy needs to be as interactive as possible, so that people get that chance to interact and participate. Make sure you execute some of the suggestions put forth by the people, if they are good enough, so that people get a sense of importance that some of their suggestions have been taken into consideration.

The updates that are given need to be short and witty in the first place. The company handling the social marketing strategy for your organization should have good quality writers who are so competent in the language that they should not make any kind of grammatical or spelling errors in their posts. The updates also must be precise, as well as intelligent so that they leave a mark on the readers’ mind.

The professional service providers know the essence of key words and the difference they make in any marketing strategy. The right key words help to bring the site in the first few web pages in the search engine results. This ensures a steady traffic flow for the company site.The effectiveness of social marketing strategy is seen mostly in the fact that it helps to promote sustainable customer behavior by identifying and eliminating communication barriers. In this direct way of interaction, you as the merchant can easily predict the customers’ psyche, and this is not seen in any other marketing strategy or brand promotions.

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Big Pharma Joins Twitter As a Marketing and Customer Service Tool

Not two weeks after Nova Nordisc announced its branded Twitter page, Pfizer followed suit with its own page as a new foray into social media. Both companies plan to use the 140 character social phenomenon as a platform for “tweeting” press releases and announcements for new products, and Nova Nordisc uses a spokesman to tweet about experiences with drug treatments using their products.

So far, Pfizer’s page has been full of useful links about big news in the pharmaceutical industry, health care news from Washington, and both jobs and investor reporting from the company itself.

These entries into social media mark a new trend for traditional pharmaceutical companies that have mostly been gun-shy of entering into anything that smacks of a short-lived Internet fad. It also shows a fresh, new approach to reaching market segments that no longer read newspapers or watch TV like the older generation does.

This not only points to the validity of Twitter as a marketing tool that is here to stay, but also to the need for other pharmaceutical companies to modernize their marketing strategies and campaigns – and enter the year 2009!

Hiring a pharmaceutical consultant to create a comprehensive marketing plan or remarketing plan may be a brilliant step towards maximizing profits during our current down economy.

A Twitter approach may or may not be the correct one for you – but with all the negative press and misinformation about pharmaceutical companies that exist today in the social media, as well as the massive readership levels social media attracts – it doesn’t pay to ignore Web 2.0 in any marketing campaign.

Will a Twitter-based approach help drive market share for Pfizer and Nova Nordisc? Only time will tell.

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