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Down Home Strategies for Rising to the Top of the Entrepreneur Game

The American Dream is the classic tale of rags to riches. From new generations of immigrants, to the many who feel they are condemned to forever work a dead end job in corporate America, scores of people seek the American Dream. They become entrepreneurs, self-sufficient men and women building themselves up from nothing to the heights of success. Yet, the game of becoming an entrepreneur often seems too lofty a goal, high and unobtainable for the average person.

How then can you achieve your goals? What is the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Tim Knox, small business expert, entrepreneur, syndicated newspaper columnist, radio talk-show host, television commentator, and author says that there is no secret. “You’ve got to find out what you want…then you have to take action,” Knox advises.

Being an entrepreneur is not a path for everyone. Before proceeding, you must first and foremost decide if this is the course of action you truly desire. Knox, who comes from a poor rural Alabama family, feels that the first step on the road to success is an honest and introspective self-assessment. “You’ve got to sit down, have a heart to heart with yourself and ask yourself hard questions like, ‘Am I willing to put everything I have at risk to make this business work?'” shares Knox.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is more than opening a corner shop and selling a product. Potential entrepreneurs may find themselves exiting their comfort zone. Can you handle customers? Are you comfortable managing people, and marketing your business?

Knox warns not to judge your own ability by the successes of others. “Don’t look at people you know who are in business and say well it can’t be that hard, because they’re doing it,” Knox cautions, “That’s not a good gauge of whether or not you can actually do it.”

To succeed, you must build a credible reputation in whatever field you decide to enter. Name recognition is critical. Make yourself a brand name; the goal is to associate your name less with a person and more with the products and ideals of your business. “It’s all about building the brand and building your credibility,” says Knox.

To accomplish this, start small by writing and submitting articles for publication. Submit articles to local newspapers and online. Even if they are only letters to the editor or opinion-editorial pieces, by placing your name into the field, you are building credibility and name recognition.

Knox, who started his own successful career with these humble beginnings, says that persistence is key. “If you’re trying to get credibility in anything start writing articles. Go to your local paper offer to write a column,” Knox advises, “The worst that can happen is they say no.”

So the next question naturally is, what are you an expert in? Knox shares the story of a nurse who felt she had no expertise. While talking with her, Knox learned she possessed the ability to keep children behaved while traveling. That was her expertise; something she had never considered or felt was special. “She has become an expert on traveling with kids. She gets media requests all the time and that sort of thing,” recalls Knox, “Think about things you can do.”

“Get creative,” says Knox. Creativity is pivotal to an entrepreneur. Think about the things you can do and what you know. Is there a product or service you can improve on? Do you know something that others find remarkable or uncommon? Work with these things, publish them, speak on them, and make them your expertise.

The worst thing you can do is nothing, and the best time to start is now. Knox warns that opportunity will not come to you, “Opportunity doesn’t knock. Opportunity doesn’t even know where you live. It’s not delivered like pizza; you’re not going to hear a knock at the door, and there stands a box full of hot opportunity for you.”

Ask yourself if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur. If you feel that it is right for you, start now; do not wait for opportunities that may never come. Determine what you can do, and make yourself an expert in the field. Start small by publishing articles online and in local newspapers, and get your name out there to build credibility. By doing these things, you are on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and claiming the American Dream.

Dr. Proactive Randy Gilbert enjoys producing “Inside Business Success,” hosted by Jan Schleicher, who presents her interview with Tim Knox (TimKnox.com) based upon his book Everything I Know About Business I Learned From My Mama. Listen for free by going to: http://www.insidesuccessradio.com/Guests/Tim-Knox

Stay On Top Of Your Twitter Game

Yep, the masses are chattering about your business on the net.

Well done. Now, whats your next step???

Twitter is a great way to pump out more materials. Which conversations are you going to engage in and how will you handle it? Keep in mind that that your responses online will factor in your brand image.

Here is a simple guide to help you create your own customized reply plan.
Listen to the people

Dont run blindfolded into a firestorm of comments. Go through the comment section and look for patterns within the conversation. Twitter is probably the best way to hear what the people have to say about your product, even from the big name players out there. Look out for any requests or confusion amongst your demographic. Use Twitter as a way to improve your product and/or service.

Know what youre going to say

Casually talking about your brand: the masses are chattering about your company but not in a way that directly relates to company name. They probably dont even know you have a Twitter account, or theyre not interested in having you call out to them. Listen in on these conversations, but only add something to say when it is truly valuable.

Remarks about your brand: the masses will talk about your brand when they chit chat with their people or share something positive about it. When they say something about your company they are actively marketing you since they feel attached to that image. Always help them out if they have something negative to say, clarifying anything thats misconstrued, or applauding them if they said something great.

Direct responses: I highly recommend doing this, to always reply, at least to the ones that are seeking answers. These individuals have a vested interest in your brand are you going to let them down or completely forget about them?

Establish rules, but have faith in your managers

Its highly critical to make sure your responses reflect how you want your brand to be perceived and remembered, but also give the masses room to go through their own judgment processes. Twitter is finicky when it comes to stock updates and other types of robotic responses. Let your management team who handles social media marketing respond in their own tone and give it a touch of humanity. When you go about hiring your community managers, you should try to make sure they opinions match the companys to a tee so you dont have to worry about them messing everything up, but also having enough trust to sleep well at night.

Time is priceless

As a general rule, the quicker you respond to a comment, the more support you have. If youre tweeting about detailedreams and I reach out to you right away with a hint or tip, youre going to be shocked. However, if you tweeted about a post I made two days ago and I just get in touch with you now, youve already forgot what you said, and my response feels watered down. For my @detailedreams account, I will always try to respond to your questions and/or concerns, even if I have to burn the midnight oil for some time, but a satisfactory response time is usually within a couple of hours.

Direct message vs. public reply

As another rule, if someone has a hard time with your brand, a direct message is the way to go about it. By taking this route, you can take care of the problem one-on-one. The only time you should reply publicly is if theyre not an avid fan or if you know others are watching the discussion as well. In addition, when you strike up a conversation with a follower, try to follow them so they can direct message you if they want to take the conversation private. You know you can always follow up with an email or phone call where 140 characters do not hold you back.

Always responding to your Twitter comments can be a hassle. Its like customer support on meth with all eyes on you and a collective camera recording your every keystroke. Its critical to remember that the masses are talking to your brand even if youre handling most of the work.

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Cityville Facebook Game

In the event you haven’t heard of CityVille you have to be located beneath a rock. The new Cityville Facebook Video game sport from exactly the same makers because the hugely effective Farmville sport (Zynga) has only been open a couple of weeks and it can be definitely proceeding down a storm. In reality it truly is so common that it has develop into the fastest developing societal recreation in the background of Facebook… outstripping FrontierVille (also by Zynga). It has in fact reached 22 MILLION gamers inside of a fortnight of generate – not shabby in any way! But we all know persons are sheep – just likely in which they are told to… well-liked won’t allow it to be in fact any good. So enable us ignore the big numbers of people today chewing on grass and bleating to consider a have a look at what the sport itself is in fact like. What’s Cityville All About? The premise of CityVille is often a hugely uncomplicated a person – in reality if you may have previously performed the SimCity matches you’ll have a very quite good knowledge of CityVille. The entire strategy is usually to create a city to the best of your respective skill. Sound uncomplicated? Yeah, not so much…

The Cityville Way Of Daily Life City:

Preparing is often a tricky position in genuine daily life and whilst laptop or computer activity variations are easier they’ll nevertheless be far too technical. From time to time this really is absorbing, often it can be VERY tough. But to give CityVille it is dues they’ve pitched it just right – it can be not straightforward but it truly is definitely entertaining and absorbing. The graphics are astounding, you are able to get a fully rotatable 3D graphic of any building within the activity – which for the Facebook game is definitely an astounding feat of coding – and so they look darned excellent likewise! Gameplay The gameplay is fundamental but interesting – using the correct balance of farming, collectibles and new stuff to help keep a person hooked to get a extended time. It really is amazing how addictive it can be to consider get a different collectible just before logging away from – nevertheless to discover them all you wish an actual CityVille Facebook Guidebook!

You can find numerous tips to running an excellent city (and they are good plenty of to give pop ups with Cityville activity hints) – like most variations of Facebook matches it is a manner of juggling collecting cash, making new buildings, managing timers and organising mates who also play to aid you out. In truth that interpersonal aspect is important to CityVille (which almost every single Cityville Fb Information agrees with) – particular buildings may have a ‘solo enjoy’ tax should you haven’t got mates that will assist you out… so be certain that you just get inviting when you do indication up! There are plenty of other bonuses for this too. In between the Facebook interface and Zynga’s toolbar you may get tons of freebies of close friends who’re also enjoying, at the same time as selected collectibles and collaborations that might otherwise not be attainable.

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