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How Social Marketing Strategy Helps To Promote Sustainable Customer Behavior

Nobody had ever comprehended this phenomenal rise in popularity of social media. What started out as a platform for friendly interactions and reconnecting with old friends and relatives, can become an excellent forum for business promotions and business strategy. The growing popularity of social media is acknowledged by all. Hence, it is quite natural that whatever is posted on social media gets amazing responses, and this, in a way, helps a brand to get noticed. This means that when you also start a company you need to make sure that you need to have excellent social marketing strategy, which will help you in getting an excellent foothold in your business. The given article lists a few of the benefits of social marketing strategy.

The social marketing strategy needs to be such that people get attracted to it in the first place even if they had no intention of buying it. This means event the casual visitors need to get attracted by the social media strategy. It needs to be kept in mind that the social marketing strategy needs to be as interactive as possible, so that people get that chance to interact and participate. Make sure you execute some of the suggestions put forth by the people, if they are good enough, so that people get a sense of importance that some of their suggestions have been taken into consideration.

The updates that are given need to be short and witty in the first place. The company handling the social marketing strategy for your organization should have good quality writers who are so competent in the language that they should not make any kind of grammatical or spelling errors in their posts. The updates also must be precise, as well as intelligent so that they leave a mark on the readers’ mind.

The professional service providers know the essence of key words and the difference they make in any marketing strategy. The right key words help to bring the site in the first few web pages in the search engine results. This ensures a steady traffic flow for the company site.The effectiveness of social marketing strategy is seen mostly in the fact that it helps to promote sustainable customer behavior by identifying and eliminating communication barriers. In this direct way of interaction, you as the merchant can easily predict the customers’ psyche, and this is not seen in any other marketing strategy or brand promotions.

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How LinkedIn Helps Small Businesses to Grow?

Facebook and Twitter are the top social media sites used these days. But did you know that LinkedIn has more than 135 million members worldwide, which are also being added up on an average of two new accounts per second? Yes it is very much true that mostly job seekers tend to look for it.

These three steps explain how it has been possible:

1. Introduction of Company Pages

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has also encompassed the concept of “company page” which helps business to set up their own page and establish their own identity. It gives appropriate information about owners, employees who are already on LinkedIn. It has options for businesses to mention their products and services. This obviously will help new users or existing LinkedIn account holders to better understand what the company is all about. Also the companies can open the list of positions for which it is currently hiring for. The interested customers can follow a business profile on LinkedIn to check up with latest updates; also companies can follow new clients to get their updates as well.

2. Increases your Search Engine Ranking

Setting up accounts in Twitter or Facebook helps to find your name or company name in search results with such branded sites. Your presence in social media networks helps to increase the prominence in search rankings. Don’t Miss LinkedIn as it is no different, it is routinely coming up as a relevant search result in major search engines. The biggest benefit of using LinkedIn is that businesses can be crawled and indexed by the search engine that is very much necessary for online presence.

3. Connecting Via LinkedIn Means Connecting to World

The Groups, connections, recommendations, messages sharing encourages user to not only see what other people are doing, but also helps to reach out to one another and connect. Take for example if you want to open up a restaurant business and want to get some insight from the one on how to do it, then LinkedIn can for sure help with it. LinkedIn helps us to join various groups of professionals based on their interests, skills. It is the best and easy way to reach out and engage with people otherwise which might not meet. It has been practically proven that if a photo or a company’s logo is put on the social networking site that would prove more beneficial.

LinkedIn has helped small and medium scale business organizations to grow as a brand globally and reach out to every common user.

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How Marketing Through Email Helps?

Email Marketing refers to sending of mails to the prospective customers and existing customers to buy products or services of a company. A marketer uses such form of marketing to encourage customer loyalty and strengthen the customer relationship. In this form, an advertiser also places an advertisement or marketing messages in the mails sent by other people. Advertisers conduct marketing through mails as this form consumes less time. Companies are able to compete not only in the domestic market but in international market as well.

There are three types of marketing through mail. First is the direct mail marketing that involves sending a promotional message in the form of an email. In this kind, the aim of a marketer is to sell goods and services to the prospective and existing customers. Second form is retention emails that take the form of regular emails known as newsletters. A newsletter may carry promotional message but aims to develop a long-term impact on the readers. It contains information that informs, entertains or otherwise benefits the readers. It contains information more than just a sales message. It can contain any news about the company. The third kind of marketing through mails is to advertise in other advertiser’s mails. Here you advertise your services on other’s newsletters and you pay them to place your advertisements. Many companies deal with such kind of newsletters where the purpose is to sell advertisement space to others.

Email Marketing has many reasons for its popularity among enterprises. It allows an entrepreneur to target at the potential customers with ease. This form also enables a marketer to customize the message, as the marketer’s potential customer likes.

This form is also instrumental in building relationships, loyalty and trust in the minds of customers for an organization. It offers a marketer flexibility to encourage marketing through other channels. For instance, after receiving the positive response of a client an advertiser can advertise his product via telephone. Email promotions also generate immediate action such as sales, and inquiries. It contributes to brand awareness and strengthen customer relationship and loyalty on the part of a client for the product. If managed properly it is a great and most effective form of method to entice customers to advertiser’s products and services.

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How Email Database Helps in Email Marketing

If you wish to reach out to people, let them know about yourself, your products and services or simply keep in touch, email is still ubiquitous and the most preferred way even though texting, IM and social networking may present themselves as formidable rivals. However, email is unique: it reaches out at a personal level. It has all the features you need to communicate. You can send an email (or receive it) in the form of plain text or very nicely laid out text along with graphics, sound and even animation or video embedded in the mail.

The growth of internet and email as the preferred means of communication and the possibilities of email as a communication and marketing tool has opened up untold possibilities. Emails in the form of newsletters that include text, graphics, animation and sound communicate very effectively and include a call for action through offers or links to a website. The more the number of people you reach and inspire to respond, the higher are your chances of conversions and increasing your business. This is only possible when you have a large number of email addresses of existing and potential clients.

Anyone involved in business needs to market his products and services. Email is a prime marketing tool and to be truly effective, it has to reach out to a large number of potential clientele. Email harvesting is a lengthy and cumbersome as well as expensive proposition in terms of time and money. On the other hand, subscribing to mailing lists or accessing email database that is classified into various categories gives marketers a jump start. They can focus time and energy on developing better, targeted email newsletters and offers thus shortening the time gap between reaching potential customers and conversions.

Email databases help marketers be more productive in a shorter time. Knowing the demographics and the preferences of targets all neatly classified in email databases helps marketers develop target specific and customized email newsletters and promotional offers with higher chances of success. Repetitive emailing to potential customers from the email database keep the company in their consciousness and through opt-in features, further narrows down possibilities to a responsive audience in the most cost effective way. In today’s marketing environment, having an email database is of prime importance for result oriented email marketing campaigns, offering the highest returns on investment.


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