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How a Sales and Marketing Strategy Can Save Your Business

Then immediately following this statement, they start speaking about the sales strategy Or they speak about lead quality, or it is something else. All the signs that sales and Sales strategy may be aligned-but not in sync. But there’s changes that put even more stress in the already difficult task of aligning sales strategy Perth.
Buying is altering so fast that it stress all our sales strategy Perth. Better informed customers force us to alter our sales and marketing strategy Perth. Sales strategy now must work more closely through the whole customer engagement method.
In the new world of buying, sales must get engaged earlier than historically. The customer may not have a defined need, but sales can help the customer think of new ways to grow Sales strategy has to be involved in that method. Sales strategy must continue nurturing the customer as they think about these new opportunities.
Marketing will be involved longer in the method. It is no longer sales strategy Perth, Sales must have tools to help create, communicate, & deliver differentiated value. Things like questioning guides, interview guides, justification guides-along with case studies & other materials.There will be defined roles & “plays,” but the organizations will require to be nimble in responding to changing situations-both in the markets & in individual sales situations.
Learning to make money online can be a arduous and time consuming task. Yet as a result frequently one time a commerce is set up do people forget about the vital aspect of getting customers to their business and to buy their products.
Within Net marketing there’s hundreds of techniques that need to be followed on a every week if not every day basis. Plenty of these are basic maintenance of your net site, or customer base. The marketing side does in plenty of cases seems to have been implemented as a after thought.
Any business need a clear and focused sales and marketing strategy Perth. From the moment someone arrives at your net site you need to know what they are responsibility, where they are leaving and why they are doing this. For this to work you must have a clear understanding of your target audience and design your web pages around this. Every aspect of your web-site & traffic generation techniques need to be based on the customer & their requirements.
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Buying is altering so fast that it stress all our sales strategy Perth. Better informed customers force us to alter our sales and marketing strategy Perth. Sales strategy now must work more closely through the whole customer engagement method.

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Why Many Sales People Think LinkedIn Doesn’t Work For Them

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool that can support us when we want to get in touch with potential customers.

However many sales people tell us LinkedIn doesn’t work for them. In this article we talk about the three most important misperceptions.

1. I have made a Profile, now potential customers will contact me one after the other.

• Though crafting a good Profile helps to be found by people who are looking for your expertise, products or services (via Linkedin or via Google or other search engines), this is not where the power of LinkedIn resides.

• LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for sales people who are proactive and don’t wait till someone contacts them.

2. I have sent some potential customers an Invitation. However they don’t accept the Invitation or don’t respond to my messages to buy my products or services.

• LinkedIn is a NETWORK tool and not a SALES tool. LinkedIn helps to build relationships with people. If you use it like a “cold calling machine” the reaction of people will be the same as with a “cold call”: no reaction or rejection. Not only this is not effective and not very efficient, but there is also another danger: LinkedIn has some tools that people could use to indicate that you are a spammer. If you get too many of these “flags”, your possibilities to connect with other people will be reduced dramatically.

• Always remember it is about building relationships. The golden rule of Bob Burg always applies: “All things being equal people do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust.” LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to increase these 3 factors if done in the right way. Crafting a good Profile, helping others in Discussions and Answers and not pushing your products or services you already helps a lot, just like in “real life”.

3. I use the “Get Introduced To” function to get me referred by my network to potential customers.

• Though this approach might get you some results, it is not always the best option. Your own network doesn’t always forward your messages and the prospect doesn’t always reply. There might be several reasons for that, but the reasons most people don’t think of are: your contact doesn’t know the prospect well enough, your contact doesn’t know you well enough or your contact thinks that your message is too pushy.

• Instead use LinkedIn as a research database to discover the relationships between people and then proceed outside of LinkedIn. Call your contact and explain him the situation. If he responds positively, ask him to write an email to introduce you and the prospect to each other. In this way your prospect receives the message from someone he already knows and trusts. If you use LinkedIn you are the one who takes the initiative, which is much less powerful.

To your success!

Jan Vermeiren, founder of Networking Coach
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How to Use LinkedIn to Create Sales Leads


Learning how to use LinkedIn to generate sales leads is simple as pie. So let’s talk about how to leverage this professional networking site to create leads and expand your business.

First, you need to understand what “connections” are. “First connections” are people that you are directly connected with. “Second connections” are people that are connected to someone you are connected with but they are not yet directly connected to you. 

How to Use LinkedIn to Create Leads
One way you can expand your network to create leads is to utilize the “Search Companies” feature by using the drop down menu found in the site’s “search” box and selecting “Companies”. Use relative keywords to find companies that you can connect with. For instance, if you want to find companies that are in the marketing field you could search using the keyword “marketing” or “advertising”.

From your search results, you can click on each company to learn more about them and connect with, or follow, them. Each company’s profile will show a list of people that work for, are connected to, that company. Reach out and make connections with them. 
You will also see if you have any second connections to them. If you do, you have an opportunity to turn those people into first connections by requesting an introduction. Hovering over a name in which you are a second connection will give you several options including “get introduced”. Choosing this option allows you to send a message requesting an introduction to this person from the person you have the first connection with (this is the person that you are both connected to).

Note: When asking to connect with someone it’s always best to include a personal message letting them know why you would like to connect with them and what the two of you have in common. This will increase the chances of them accepting your request. 

Another way to grow your connections is to check for second connections and request introductions to them from your first connections. Go to your “Network Statistics” under “Contacts” at the top of your home page. Scroll down to the bottom under “Industry Access” and click on any of the industries in your network. You will see a list of people you are connected to in each industry and whether you are a first or second connection.  
You can also go through your connections and visit their profiles to find more second connections and request introductions.  Another way to find second connections is to visit LinkedIn Answers. You will be shown new questions from your network and you will see if any of those are second connections that you can request an introduction to. 


The above article has been taken from the blog of Over Go Video regarding the Use of Linked In in Internet Marketing

Marketing on Twitter – Free Traffic and Sales From Twitter

There is a great marketing tool available that is right at your fingertips. It is called Twitter. Twitter is proving to be a very valuable tool for increasing traffic to your products or website. Twitter is one of the largest social media networks around. Everyone is using Twitter these days because it is the best way to reach large groups of people all at once without the worry of spamming. Depending upon how many followers you accumulate, that is your potential audience. It is not uncommon for an individual to have several thousand followers or more. Twitter gets a high amount of daily Twitter traffic.

The way it works is; you get a twitter account and start posting little blurbs about your business or website. There’s a maximum of 140 characters per “tweet”. These are little updates you can make several times a day. In other words:Free Advertising for your business. Celebrities have Twitter accounts too and update on their concert dates and what their doing. It’s a way for people to stay current with whats going on. Much better than Myspace and Facebook. Some Twitter applications include widgets, Google Desktop, applications for Ipod and Iphone as well as cell phone applications.

There are some good marketing tools to help you drive your Twitter traffic to your website or product. Twitter marketing involves getting the word out. Post links to your products and services, then follow up later with an update. You’ll start getting emails when someone starts “following” you. This means that they subscribe to your “tweets”, not that their stalking you. Tweets are very important as a twitter marketing tool as well. If you write articles to promote your products and put a twitter application with it, anyone who reads it can click that button and it will send an update to your twitter account, this is called a re-“tweet”. The more “tweets and re-tweets” you get, the more popular you become. Therefore your Twitter traffic increases with more and more followers.

Twitter marketing tools include a variety of widgets and buttons you can put on your website or blog. There are a variety of marketing tools to help you build your traffic.And the Twitter applications can also be used for article promotion and also on blog posts. Get your content out there and get it seen.

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Improve Sales with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a technique used for online promotion of the product or service of an organization. This is a technique which is used for promoting a corporate image and establishing a flawless image in the minds of a target customer. A marketer can use this form of technique in order to build and strengthen relations with the prospective customers in the market. In this way, a marketer can build loyalty and trust among the potential clients of an organization.
There are several ways to build a highly result-oriented email marketing campaign. This campaign can be built with the help of email marketing software and also by keeping a few points in the mind. These mail marketing tools are the ones that help you in creating an opt-in list. The opt-in list is the one that contains the name and email addresses of all those customers who have shown interest in receiving the mails of specific interest. While creating a mail you should be aware or cautious of a few points. Make use of text more as compared to the graphics or images in a mail. If a marketer uses the text more, it leaves an impression of a relevant message with informative content on the mind of a reader. Some users make use of spam message robots that crawl the content of an incoming mail and then block all those mails that either use excessive of images or graphics or use promotional words or marketing terms such as ‘sale’. Write the text from a reader’s perspective so that it reads most persuasive and appealing to a prospective customer of an enterprise. One can easily make use of the text and use valuable information in the content. Once your message is delivered to the right set of target audiences in the market, you can boost the sales of your organization by encouraging the customers to purchase from the enterprise.

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