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Social Media Strategies that Fail to Render Results

An expert social media agency-Vizz Media explains that the social media platforms have emerged as a powerful tool for online branding and sales. A social media network, if used strategically, ties the various verticals of online marketing including search engine optimization and render astonishing results. However, the sad part of the story is that not too many social media agencies in India cultivate the right approach and strategy to create a brand impact with such a powerful online marketing tools.

Vizz Media highlights a few social media strategies that mispositioned your brand and yields unsuccessful results, because to form a firm foundation one should know what not to rely on.

Constant Updates: Social media network can take your company to the pinnacle of online marketing success if used wisely. The first and foremost objective of a social media agency to encourage potential customers to more frequently participate and talk about their brands. Unfortunately, this objective has created a myth of posting irrelevant content or frequent updates on their client’s fan page. To control the frequency of the posts is the first step of retention because it has been observed that people drop those groups, fan pages or twitter accounts that are monotonous, repetitive, too frequent and irrelevant.

Pushing Too Much Sales: Brands and social media agencies must understand the fact that a social media network, originally and basically a social platform where people relax, converse and refresh themselves from a day long work. When they follow a brand then what is that one thing they look for apart from the news feeds or another sales update from your brand? That one thing is the share of knowledge, wisdom and expertise which help your customers and make them feel special. So next time when you make a post come up with new interesting ideas that serves benefits to your brand as well as your customers and society.

Creating Brand Integrity: The success of social media also lies in the way a company conducts business. One should not forget that a social media network is an open platform where everything transparent and clear. A Brand identity is fragile, once you opt for a malpractice, then your whole efforts in order to create that brand shatters within a second. Therefore, carry your business with the sole philosophy of customer is the king, because then only a brand can win the favor of the king

Author of this article is a social media marketer. He has more than 5 years of experience in online marketing fields and worked for lots of brands across the globe. Now he is employed with Vizz Media – A leading Social Media Agency. He has written and published many articles on Social media networking. In this article he has drawn his attention on social media strategy.

social media management company

Social media is one the most important way to create bond between customers and service providers. Ignoring social media can hurt your business a lot. Social media marketing is not as hard as you think. It needs just some wise management steps with your hard work. Improvement in any brand’s social presence is just the result of smart social media management work. To improve social presence of your business you just need to improve your social media activities. Here we are explaining some important point to improve your social presence:
1. Select Best Social Platforms- There is many social media sites on internet. When you will search a list of social media sites, you will find minimum 20 or 30 above social media sites. Doing work on these all sites will waste your time and money. Select best social platforms, which can give you highest ROI (Return on Investment). Facebook, Twitter and G+ are the top social media platforms to influence your brand name.
2. Analyze Data- Before doing anything first analyze data, which is related to your business because everything is changing day by day. Analyze your business data and analyze your work strategy.
3. Focus on Quality- Always focus on quality because quality is the most important thing, which turns audience into customers. If you will provide a quality based service or products, people will automatically attracts towards you. Quality is the pillar of any business.
4. Stay Active- Here staying active means doing regular updates in your business and in your social media activities. Change is the rule of life. You must need to make changes with time. In social media management staying active says do regular posts, post about your business updates.
5. Repost Old Posts- Reposting can be effective a lot. If your any old post worked well then you can repost these types of post to get good result. Use analytic tools to track which of your posts gave good result in past.
6. Use Images and Videos- Use images and videos in your social media posts because images and videos can turns any boring post into an interesting and readable post. People don’t like to read long content hence use images and videos to explain your vision. Be careful when using images; always use meaningful and good quality images. Infographics are good choice.
7. Engage With Audience and Make Good Relationship- First step for building good public relation is engage with your audience. Fast reply to messages indicates that your customer service is very good. Creating good relationship is one of the main goals of social media marketing.
8. Measure Success and Working Strategy- Never continue your working plans for a long time without measuring it’s result. Use analytic tools to measure success of your work strategy. Determine which things gave good result and which didn’t give any response. After measuring do suitable changes in your social media management plans.
Social media have a lot of importance in business growth. Moreover, social media needs a working social media management plan. With these things, a social media agency or social media management company is important for all businesses to handle their social media promotion and social relationships.

Media Junkies are addicted to generating huge returns on your digital marketing investment – check out our social media marketing case studies and see how we do it. Any business can use the power of social media advertising. We can show you how to target customers in any area and turn them into leads. Use sophisticated re-targeting tools to increase the conversion rates and lower the cost per lead. If you are looking for social media experts in Australia you have found them. We will make your social media out of this world.

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How Social Marketing Strategy Helps To Promote Sustainable Customer Behavior

Nobody had ever comprehended this phenomenal rise in popularity of social media. What started out as a platform for friendly interactions and reconnecting with old friends and relatives, can become an excellent forum for business promotions and business strategy. The growing popularity of social media is acknowledged by all. Hence, it is quite natural that whatever is posted on social media gets amazing responses, and this, in a way, helps a brand to get noticed. This means that when you also start a company you need to make sure that you need to have excellent social marketing strategy, which will help you in getting an excellent foothold in your business. The given article lists a few of the benefits of social marketing strategy.

The social marketing strategy needs to be such that people get attracted to it in the first place even if they had no intention of buying it. This means event the casual visitors need to get attracted by the social media strategy. It needs to be kept in mind that the social marketing strategy needs to be as interactive as possible, so that people get that chance to interact and participate. Make sure you execute some of the suggestions put forth by the people, if they are good enough, so that people get a sense of importance that some of their suggestions have been taken into consideration.

The updates that are given need to be short and witty in the first place. The company handling the social marketing strategy for your organization should have good quality writers who are so competent in the language that they should not make any kind of grammatical or spelling errors in their posts. The updates also must be precise, as well as intelligent so that they leave a mark on the readers’ mind.

The professional service providers know the essence of key words and the difference they make in any marketing strategy. The right key words help to bring the site in the first few web pages in the search engine results. This ensures a steady traffic flow for the company site.The effectiveness of social marketing strategy is seen mostly in the fact that it helps to promote sustainable customer behavior by identifying and eliminating communication barriers. In this direct way of interaction, you as the merchant can easily predict the customers’ psyche, and this is not seen in any other marketing strategy or brand promotions.

Mark Weyland is a well-known article writer. His articles are highly informative. Read his article on social marketing strategy and you will be able to understand why he is so popular.

5 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Until recently, businesses had well-established “rules of engagement” that dictated how to talk to prospects, customers, vendors and competitors. But with the recent ascent of social media into the business arena, those rules of engagement have been set aside and new rules are being written. Business owners who get these social media marketing strategy tips and actively participate in social media marketing can enjoy the benefits. Business owners who ignore these tips but try to participate in social media marketing anyway, will fail.

If your business is thinking about participating in the social media phenomenon, here are 5 marketing strategy tips you need to know before you start:

Marketing strategy tips #1: Social media is not about you. Don’t jump into the world of social media to talk about yourself. Rather, join because you want to hear from other people. Even if you never talk about yourself, you can still derive tremendous value from listening to your prospects and customers and adjusting your business based on what you hear. Create rules for yourself about how often you want to engage others before you mention something about yourself. Some people follow a 10:1 ratio of talking about others ten times as much as they talk about themselves.

Marketing strategy tips #2: Be personable. It’s so easy to default to the original rules of engagement, which tended to be impersonal. But social media isn’t impersonal. It’s very personal. Be willing to share some of yourself. Decide what you’re willing to share and what you aren’t willing to share, but be willing to share something.

Marketing strategy tips #3: Be professional. For so long, businesses equated impersonal with professional. But that’s not the case. You can be personable while still being professional. Professionalism in social media means not trashing your competition or making inflated claims. It means not dominating the conversation. It means helping customers not forcing them.

Marketing strategy tips #4: Engage others. Social media is a medium of engagement. People aren’t just listening, they’re participating. So take part. Ask others. Involve others. Listen and respond. Keep the conversation going.

Marketing strategy tips #5: Enjoy it! This is so important. If you don’t enjoy participating in social media then stop doing it. If you don’t like it, you won’t engage others and you’ll end up doing what a lot of businesses do – create a cycle of pre-written, timed-release messages that don’t do anything other than annoy. Just because social media is popular right now doesn’t mean you have to participate. Enjoy it or find something you do enjoy.

Want to know the best way to succeed at social media? Just follow the same rules of engagement and etiquette that you might have at a dinner party or cocktail party. Listen to others, share a bit of yourself, be professional, engage other people, and enjoy the conversation. The scenario is very similar – it just so happens that with social media, people aren’t in the same room.

Use these marketing strategy tips to help you grow your business with social media.

Aaron Hoos is a business writer. He accelerates business performance with copywriting, technical writing, internet marketing, and sales funnel strategy. Read more about marketing strategy tips or visit AaronHoos.com.

The Evolving Blogging Career – Social Media For Everyone

Blogging works at a place of creativity and marketing. To make it a career, it’s best to first stop and breath. Then start setting goals. Don’t know what goals to set? How about making money by day 30? I’ve done it, and you can to. The blogging career is evolving, and the power of social media is putting millions, if not billions, of web pages onto reader’s screens. This means there is a vast opportunity for profit, and fun. This guide shows you not only how to make money by day 30, but how to have fun doing it!

Fun First – Let’s Get Creative

First, of course blogging can be fun. It’s meant to be fun. Designing web pages easily, bringing thousands if not millions of readers to your pages. The online world isn’t new, nor will it go away soon. It evolves, more or less, and the blogger is at the head of the movement. So many bloggers look at this as only a business. Profit is good, but so is fun. Be creative with your articles. Post on obscure topics. Write on multiple blogs. Publish articles that don’t fit in anywhere else. In short, write what you want.

Profit Next – Let’s Set Goals

Then start getting serious about making money from your blog. Then find the ways and means to make blogging cash. It’s a work from home career in action, but first you need to start learning blogging mechanics and where the profit will come from. For every blog, there is not one, or two, sometimes not even a hundred, but often thousands of companies who need to get exposure for their products. The reality is the blogging movement is one of the best informal ways to post ads. You can do it with social media.

Social Media Now – It’s a Business

Social media is a profitable business. It used to be called Web 2.0. What it means is usability, and for the blogger it means having the ability to reach millions with the click of a mouse and the push of a key. Social media too is evolving. More and more paid blogging sites are tapping into the blogging world. I’ve made thousands of dollars on paid blogging sites, including Blogitive, Pay Per Post, Loud Launch, and Blogging Ads. This goes back to the theory that blogging demand, even with millions of blogs, is still high. That in turns means career minded bloggers may have the advantage over the poor novelists of the world. There are no ands, ifs, or buts about it. Blogs can and do turn a profit much more than many other creative writing fields.

Career Last – This is the Reality

If you want to make blogging a career, start thinking in terms of blogging cash and the whole make money online element. Start selling ads. Set weekly goals for blogging profit. For instance, if you’re on day 30 of your blog, maybe $ 100 a week. Then, on day 90, you earn $ 300 a week. I’ve done it, mostly using paid advertising. The blog is still evolving, and there will be many more ways for bloggers to write advertisements for companies. There are new paid ad sites coming online, while regular ads from venders like Google are turning consistent profits for even beginning bloggers. It can be a career, a fun and rewarding job working from home. But it’s not easy, so make sure to set goals and utilize social media to its fullest. And when the next blogging revolution occurs, be ready.

As a web marketer, I can tell you the next big movement on the web is social media. You can’t ignore the details included in this ebook called Power Social Media Marketing. I give it my highest recommendation for both internet professionals and newbies trying to Make Money Online.

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